Intro to Season Two

League of Legends Season Two

The second League of Legends competitive season is upon us, and with it a host of exciting new features and updates aimed at paving the way to the Season Two Championship. And with $5 million on the line – the largest prize pool in eSports history – the competition is sure to be fierce!

Featuring three tiers of competitive play, a new site to follow the Challenger Circuit, new design changes, Ranked Teams, and the much anticipated Spectator Mode, League of Legends Season Two marks the prominence of League of Legends as an eSport!

The Challenger Circuit

The greatest League of Legends teams in the world will test their skills on the Season Two Challenger Circuit. At the most prestigious live events across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China and Korea, Challenger Circuit competitors will gather to do battle over cash prizes and circuit points that allow them to advance in the Season Two standings.

At the end of the circuit, the top teams from each of our regions will advance to a live Regional Championship hosted by Riot Games. From there, the top regional finishers will advance to take part in the Season Two World Championship, where they will compete against the best teams from across the globe for a prize purse of $2 million!

Compete in Prized Events!

We’re distributing $1,000,000 cash to hundreds of community-organized Prize Events throughout Season Two. Prized Events are tournaments run by third-party organizers and feature prizes ranging from money to hardware to Riot Points, and are designed for players interested in taking their play to the next level of competition or advancing toward a professional gaming career. Don’t miss out on your chance to win!

Find Prized Events here.

Test Your Skills in the Ranked Ladder!

The Ranked Ladder is back and better than ever! In addition to the traditional Solo/Duo Queue for players interested in playing alone or with a friend is the chance to form persistent teams and participate in ranked 5v5. The top contenders will receive in-game awards commemorating their accomplishments at the end of the season.

View the ladders here.

Season Two Features

Ranked Teams

Join forces with up to seven of your friends to conquer the competitive 5v5 ladder in Season Two! The new season will feature the ability to form a persistent team with a unique name and team tag to identify you on the ladder. Featuring shared Elo rating and stats, you’ll engage in pitched battles with your allies to rise or fall together on the Fields of Justice!

Spectator Mode

Just in time for Season Two, Spectator Mode has moved into open beta! You now have the option to spectate custom games of League of Legends on a small delay, allowing you follow specific players, view the perspective of both teams, remove the fog of war, etc. to get a better view of the battlefield.

Click here to learn more about how you can start spectating games now!

New Masteries and Summoner Spells

Season Two features two brand new summoner spells along with a complete overhaul of the mastery trees, giving you even more tactical options on the Fields of Justice. Along with scores of potential mastery setups, you’ll now be able to select both the Promote and Surge spells on Summoner’s Rift!

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